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Referee “Humiliates” Female Footballer By Asking Her Out On A Date During Match

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A Romanian footballer said she felt ‘humiliated’ after being asked on a date by a referee in the middle of match. Elena Pavel, who plays for Sporting de Huelva in Trigueros, southern Spain, complained over s**ist treatment from official Santiago Quijada Alcon during the match against rivals Santa Teresa.

The alleged offence took place during the Primera División de la Liga match – the women’s equivalent of La Liga – on Sunday.

Alcon is alleged to have asked the Romanian defender: ‘Hey brown-hair – let’s get coffee this afternoon.’Pavel replied during the game, telling the referee: ‘Better stick to blowing your whistle.’ Following the match, she said Alcon was ‘provoking’ her during the encounter.

 ‘I’ve stopped believing in football, in fair play,’ she said. ‘I feel helpless, humiliated. In the many years I’ve been playing football I’ve never felt so ashamed.’

Despite that, she said she would not be taking any action as it was his word against hers.

 Alcon has denied saying anything to Pavel, and the local referee’s association said it might even take action against Pavel because of her accusation.

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