Shanghai Tower (650 meters)

Duration : 5:20 Min | Viewer : 73,468,443x

Climbing the Worlds Tallest TOWER CRANE!

Duration : 6:28 Min | Viewer : 2,915,758x

Climbing the Tallest Chimney in Europe

Duration : 6:21 Min | Viewer : 14,803,022x

Mustang Wanted Compilation #2

Duration : 4:5 Min | Viewer : 12,067,834x

Brave or Stupid? Russian Teen Daredevils

Duration : 6:28 Min | Viewer : 3,427,673x


Duration : 17:33 Min | Viewer : 6,268,048x

Best urban climbers in the world 2018

Duration : 3:52 Min | Viewer : 88,330x

GoPro: Danny MacAskill - Cascadia

Duration : 5:37 Min | Viewer : 36,830,684x

Hilarious Cat Fails (April 2017)

Duration : 6:47 Min | Viewer : 14,581,513x


Duration : 26:54 Min | Viewer : 2,888,876x

Crazy Climbing with Mustang Wanted

Duration : 7:54 Min | Viewer : 737,743x

WORLD'S TALLEST SWING! *Over 280 feet*

Duration : 14:48 Min | Viewer : 7,745,981x
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